What songs do they play?

 The song list includes many Louisiana favorites like...

-Jolie' Blonde
-Zydeco Boogaloo
-Hot Tamale' Baby
-Got You On My Mind
-Another Lonely Night
-The Amadee Two-Step
-Allons' a Lafayette
-Johnny Can't Dance
-La Porte D'en Arrierre (click below)
-Every Now & Then
-Petite a la Grosse
-For the Last Time
-Saint's go Marching in
-Stagger Lee
-Scratch my Back
-Take Me Back to New Orleans
-I Got Loaded
And Many More

Do they play any of their own music?

The latest release 'Preview' includes the Big Easy Playboys written songs,

-Les Bon Temps (click below)
-Dance's Mes Amis
-This Old Boy
-Lafayette (click below)
-Hook Me Up (click below)

Songs from their first release 'Louisiana Roots' also includes original songs,

-Holly Beach
-Text Me (click below)
-Little Caroline
-Bad Luck Roy
-Crescent Smile
-Kissing You Goodbye
-Te Fi (click below)